Master Diamond Polisher

Since 1967


Pieter Bombeke

Pieter Bombeke a craftsman in the field of diamond polishing, an artist in the field of design. Dedication, knowledge, passion and pleasure in his work are characteristic. He makes magic visible in every stone.

Fairtrade Diamonds

Pieter Bombeke works together with the Congolese cooperative PAMBI. Craft diamond mining to create employment for create the local population.

Diamond Shapes

Different cutting shapes. Pieter designed different extra shiny shapes. Like Dreamcatcher, Jacobs Ladder and Xiao Long

Pieter Bombeke Master

Craftsmanship, decades of experience and the creative insight of master polisher Pieter Bombeke make his diamonds unique.
His design of extra beautiful cuts such as Dreamcatcher, the Jacobs Ladder and the Xiao Long

About Pieter

The craftsmanship, decades of experience and creative insight of master
diamond polisher Pieter Bombeke top it off. Over the years he designed many unique cuts. The Dreamcatcher, Jacobs Ladder and the Xiao Long are three of these cuts that give the diamond extra sparkle due to their well-thought-out design. Or as he puts it: “There is more to life than just brilliant.”

  • Crafted with love

    Pieter is a very talented diamond polisher who designed several new shapes

  • Fair Diamonds

    Only with fair diamonds we can make the world a better place

  • Pieter’s motto

    There is more to life then only Briljant

Fairtrade Diamonds

Modern diamond mining helps local communities thrive

  • Funding social programs
  • Training an skills development
  • Building schools


Being a goldsmith, stone setter and his student in Diamond cutting I get inspired by Pieters creativity and his knowledge about All Natural Diamonds

To be involved with an innovative project that delivers positive and progressive outcomes to a remote mining community while addressing the expectations of the most savvy and curious clients is truly a joy. The experience is unique. Just like the product.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities or like to take a look at his sharpening shop yourself?
Please feel free to contact Pieter Bombeke!