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Pieter is a dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your briljant grow

Pieter Bombeke

Pieter Bombeke


Craftsmanship, decades of experience and the creative insight of master polisher Pieter Bombeke make his diamonds unique.
His design of extra beautiful cuts such as Dreamcatcher, the Jacobs Ladder and the Xiao Long

Pieter Bombeke

Pieter Bombeke started his profession in 1967 in Antwerp with an apprenticeship via his grandfather – also a diamond cutter. Pieter has continued to refine his expertise in the art of diamond polishing over the decades that followed. 

Beginning – as all diamond cutters do – perfecting mastery of the round brilliant cut, Pieter’s creativity soon began to shine through as he started experimenting with new, custom models. By the late 1980’s his reputation for creativity twinned with precision began to spread and he received requests to develop and make bespoke diamond cuts for a wide range of clients of all different sizes.
Working by now from a base in Germany he started passing on his vast knowledge to support development of the trade, training and educating new diamond cutters. Ever-curious with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, he would often travel the globe in search of inspiration.

Later, Pieter is introduced, via a gemmologist associate, to a Congolese primary school teacher living in Lokeren, Emile. Emile’s passion and drive to improve the living conditions of those working in the diamond mining industry in his country capture’s Pieter’s imagination. He bcomes deeply involved in a project with Emile based around a small community seeking to develop sustainably in Kasai Occidental, Congo, helping refine with a group of collaborators in four countries a mine-to-market model that eventually sees a diamond mining cooperative connected to the international market, achieving international market prices for its production – helping underpin the community’s peaceful, inclusive and sustainable development.

From his workshop in Antwerp’s diamond district, established in 2001 he continues to develop new custom cuts, sometimes at the request of specific clients, sometimes for pure passion.

His love for the diamond, the finest of all gemstones, is always his priority. His knowledge, skill, and willingness to share that with the world, cement his standing within the diamond community.

He is well-known as a devoted teacher in his profession and often arranges demonstrations for passing delegations.

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