From Mine to Market

Sustainable diamonds with custom designed cuts

Diamonds appeal to one’s imagination, because there is no gem that sparkles brighter. However, there are ways to make a diamond shine even more, literally and figuratively.

Pieter Bombeke, a master diamond cutter, works together with the Congolese cooperation PAMBI. This organisation focuses on agriculture and artisan diamond mining in Kasai, Congo to create employment for the locals. The mined diamonds are exported via Kinshasa directly to Antwerp, where they are cut.

A fair product that is mined artisanally, combined with a short chain: these diamonds excel in sustainability.
The craftsmanship, the decades long experience and creative eye of master diamond cutter Pieter Bombeke are the final touch.

Shining and timelessly beautiful.


This 137-Person Village Hopes To Reinvent Itself With Diamonds